Jove's Crimson Delta - Jupiter (Binaural Beats)

by Planetary Cymatic Resonance

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Jove's Crimson Delta is a beautifully unique binaural journey based on the octave transpositions of Jupiter’s sideric movement around the sun. It takes the biggest planet of our solar system approximately 4332.588 days to return to the same point in its orbit(1). Utilizing basic mathematics, Planetary Cymatic Resonance was able to convert time into frequency to determine the fundamental pitch and tempo. Timo Preece and Steffen Günther have finely tuned their binaural composition to correlate with the orbit of this heavenly body around the sun. 

The fundamental frequency matching Jupiter’s rotation period in its  29th octave equals the root note of F# at 183.58Hz (36th octave). All other time based parameters, such as tempo (86.05BPM), binaural beats, delay and reverb computations are derived from octaves of this astronomical frequency. The binaural pulsing equals 2.87Hz which sits in the delta region. This is the brainwave pattern that we reach when we are in deep sleep. According to Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, when listened to on headphones, binaural beats alter the listeners brain waves to the binaural pulse and may be used to reach altered states of consciousness through brainwave entrainment(2). We recommend diving into this deep relaxation journey using your favorite pair of headphones. 

1. Cousto, H.(1989). Klänge Bilder Welten. Berlin: Simon + Leutner
2. Dream Weaver House Foundation.

Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies. Available at: 


released May 9, 2017

Sound Design, Performance and Arrangement - Timo Preece and Steffen Günther
Production - Timo Preece and Steffen Günther
Mastering - Timo Preece
Artwork - Dara Etefaghi


all rights reserved



Planetary Cymatic Resonance Berlin, Germany

Planetary Cymatic Resonance is a project based on tunings calculated from natural frequencies found in our universe like the movement of planets or the resonances of molecules. P-C-R's music is a synthesis between musical expression, scientific calculation, modern technology and ancient wisdom. ... more

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